6 Decisions to Make for Great Photography

Planning is the key to success. And this statement holds equally true for photographers as well. If you fail to plan properly, chances that your images do not come out well are very high. Photographer Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens talks about six decisions that he makes every time that helps him take good photos:

1.  Sketch Your Ideas

Have a notebook with a pencil handy, and sketch any ideas that you might come across. This helps you visualize your imagination and also keeps you from forgetting your ideas.

idea sketch for photography

2. Pick the Right Location

With the idea in place, it is really important that your choice of location does justice to what you have in your mind. When looking for a location to shoot in, be sure to pay attention to the entire surrounding. See how the background is lit. Pay attention to the foreground and make sure that there’s nothing distracting. Also, notice how the sunlight interacts with the surrounding elements and the model. And keep your eyes out for the sky too. Notice how the clouds are in place and how the sky is changing colors. Have a holistic approach whenever picking the location.

choosing location for photoshoot

3. Simplify the Elements

When it comes to design principles, simple is better. Before pressing that shutter button, pay attention to your composition and make sure things don’t appear too busy in the frame. Keeping your composition simple also emphasizes the main subject.

poor choice of composition

good composition example

4. Use Complementary Colors

When composing your scene, pay attention to color. If you have a model, select their clothing wisely. Use complementary colors. It makes the final image pleasing to look at. To make the work easier for yourself, refer to the color wheel and choose colors that look good with each other. Then, set the elements accordingly when taking the photo.

planning with color wheel

5. Pick the Right Model and Props

Choose a model who best suits the character you’ve imagined. If you need any props to tell the story, be sure to use them to your advantage.

model and props for photography

6. Look for Great Lighting

Lighting is the key element in photography that sets the look and the mood. Photograph during the golden hours and you’ll rarely come up with unflattering images. If you plan to use artificial lighting, set it up to slightly open up the shadows on the model while not killing the ambiance of the surroundings.

natural light portrait

portrait with strobe

Have a plan next time you go out for a photo shoot, and you’re sure to come back with images you love!

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One response to “6 Decisions to Make for Great Photography”

  1. rob den braasem says:

    Nr 1 is the most important. have a idea and work from there….

    Most pictures are shoot without a idea to work to.

    Digital is cheap so they take 10.000 pictures and see what it will bring….

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