Slow: Magic of Long Exposure Photography

It is said that cameras “freeze” moments in time. But this expression is only appropriate if you use a shutter speed that’s fast enough to stop any movement within the scene.

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This eBook is designed to explore some of the techniques that photographers use to harness the emotive power of slow shutter speeds.

A question often arises, how do you use a slow shutter speed to your advantage in order to create a beautiful, expressive photo? This book covers in-depth the techniques you can use when these variable shutter speed opportunities arise, and how you can spot them.

Sometimes a slow shutter speed, slow enough to introduce at least a little movement into the frame, is better suited for capturing the mood that attracted you to the subject in the first place.

“When I have an emotional connection with a place, or with a person, I want to express that in a still image. To do that, I need to understand how the camera sees, and interprets, the things I point it at. Once I understand how the camera “sees,” I can use that knowledge to create expressive images.” -Andrew Gibson

Topics Covered (65 Pages):

  • Introduction
  • Recording Motion
  • Exposure Modes
  • Panning
  • Panning with People
  • Intentional Camera Movement
  • Case Study: Doug Chinnery
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Equipment
  • Finding Locations
  • Know your Camera Settings
  • Exposure
  • Exposte to the Right
  • Long-Exposure Noise Reduction
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Sample Pages from Slow

  • Composition
  • Working the Scene
  • Light & Long Exposure Photography
  • The Lone Woman Series
  • Case Study: Joel Tjintjelaar
  • Conclusion

“Using slow shutter speeds is an alternative and expressive way of making photos to the “usual” method of selecting a shutter speed that freezes all the motion within the scene. Magical things start to happen as shutter speeds get longer and the world around us, constantly in motion, is recorded as a blur.”

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