Real-Time Photoshop Prank in Stockholm

To contribute to one of Adobe’s “Creative Days” in Stockholm, Sweden, photographer and retouch artist Eric Johansson executed an elaborate Photoshop prank at a local bus stop. He and his team hooked up a large advertisement case holding a movie poster to display real-time Photoshop work featuring stealthily-shot and creatively edited photos of people waiting for the bus to arrive. From a nearby van — which had been set up as a mobile creative lab, complete with computers, video feed from hidden cameras, and more — the pranksters watched as their “victims” noticed themselves taking starring roles in the roadside advertisements, with varying reactions. Hilarity ensued:

Interestingly, almost all victims of the prank quickly got over their surprise or disbelief and immediately pulled out their smartphones to take a picture of a picture of themselves. Though the following shots don’t even begin to capture the process (and humor) that you get to see in the video, they give an example of the quick-thinking work that Johansson did for this project.

Stockholm Photoshop prank

Adobe Photoshop prank

Adobe Creative Day prank

This and other contributions from some of photography’s most creative innovators will be featured at Adobe’s Creative Day Nordics event on June 11, 2013 in Stockholm.

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