Portraits with Colored Powder

Sometimes it can be tricky coming up with new ideas for portraits. You try changing the model’s poses, the model’s clothes, the background, the lighting, the props, but you crave something that will make your photos look unique. It can be frustrating, and you might even get so fed up with trying to think of something new that you just want to throw something at your model. Well that’s exactly what photographer Philippe Echaroux decided to do. The result? A series of beautiful portraits that, shall we say, add a little color to his work:

Philippe Echaroux’s portraits capture two things we really love to see in photos: color and motion. Adding these elements by throwing some kind of powder (chalk, I presume) into the scene really sets these photos apart from the hundreds of other portraits you see every day.

The model’s eyes engage you while a scene of color and chaos surrounds them. And you have to give kudos to these models. Most people don’t like having a handful of chalk thrown in their face, even if they are getting paid for it.

colorful chalk throwing portrait

Portrait by Philippe Echaroux

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