Interesting Photo of the Day: Warm Moment on a Snowy Night

Snowy nights aren’t typically the ones that you’d enjoy outdoors. But, if you’re with the people you love, even a cold snowy walk can be a fun filled and enjoyable one. Have a look at the following image for instance. It was shot by photographer Benjamin Lee in Asahikawa and the moment he captured is absolutely heart melting:

family walking on a snowy night

“Warm Moment in a Snowy Night” by Benjamin Lee (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Lee took the image with his Canon EOS R, and 85mm f/1.4 lens. The image is a beautiful representation of the warmth of love in an unfavorable and cold environment. The family holding each other adds a sense of calm and warmth to the otherwise cold and snowy shot.

“I don’t think the coldness mattered to them this night.”

While the image is a brilliant one in itself, the way he processed the image added further value to it. Lee used split toning to get the colors in the image. He’s cooled the shadows down and warmed up the highlights. Doing so has also given a cinematic feel to the image.

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