Interesting Photo of the Day: Thousands of Birds Greet Photographer Upon Arrival

It appeared to be a gloomy evening when photographer Jim Richardson’s boat arrived at Boreray, a remote island off of Scotland’s west coast. He was in for a surprise though, as thousands of birds from the island’s large Gannet colony flew out to greet him:

Gannets are large seabirds, typically found on the North Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America. Bass Rock off of Scotland’s east coast has the world’s largest Gannet colony, with more than 150,000 birds. It’s considered by naturalists to be one of the wildlife wonders of the world.

This photo was taken right as a bit of sunlight peaked through the clouds.

“Boreray is a wild, uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. Home to a great Gannet colony, it was a gloomy evening when my boat arrived, but just as a bit of sunlight poked through thousands of birds flew out to meet us.” — Photographer Jim Richardson

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