Interesting Photo of the Day: One Year In One Image

A self-described all-around “media dude,” Norwegian photographer Eirik Solheim dabbles in just about every type of photographic and videographic medium. In 2010, he undertook a unique timelapse project to depict every single day of a year into one composite image.

We think the results are stunning:

365 slices every day of the year

“One Year In One Image” by Eirik Solheim (Via Tumblr. Click image to see full size.)

To create the image, Solheim mounted his Canon EOS 400D onto a tripod and positioned it by a window in his home in Oslo, Norway. Every half hour for one year, he took a photo; this resulted in 16,000 images, from which he selected 3,888 to combine into the composite using scripts and codes submitted by savvy followers.

“I’ve had an SLR camera in my window at the same spot for one year snapping an image every half hour… with the exact same focus point and the same f-number,” wrote Solheim on his blog. “The only thing[s] that have changed [are] the season and the light… [it’s] not a sort-of-time-lapse, but a true one.”

During his project, Solheim also produced the timelapse video one year in two minutes:

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