Interesting Photo of the Day: Fireflies Long Exposure

With summer just around the corner, backyards are coming to life with the humming of nature’s wonderful (sometimes annoying) and cute little bugs. From ladybugs, bees, grasshoppers, and a few pesky creepy crawlers, an average backyard becomes a jungle. And, if you live in the right areas, you may be lucky enough to be paid nightly visits from beautiful, glowing fireflies. Reddit user Greghogan is just one of those lucky people, and one night he decided to carefully capture a few fireflies to photograph this long exposure:

fireflies long exposure photo

Fireflies in a Jar by Greghogan (Via Reddit. Click inage to see full size.)

Greghogan captured six to eight fireflies with a butterfly net and put them in the jar, an idea inspired by the infamous Alice in Chains album cover. Using a Canon 7D with a 28mm prime lens and tripod, he took six images at 30 seconds each at ISO 3200, f/2.8 and merged them using StarStaX.

While he was hoping for light streaks, the fireflies blink pretty fast and were walking on the glass mostly, so the image came out a little differently. Incredible still, as it looks like there are hundreds of fireflies rather than just a few.

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