Supermodels Without Makeup

An image has popped up recently showing side-by-side comparisons of supermodels with and without makeup. And it has caught the world’s attention. The Internet is diligently doing its part in making it go viral. The image, which you can see below, sheds light on just how much makeup and creative photoshopping are utilized in the world of fashion photography.

supermodels without makeup

Supermodels Without Makeup (Click to See Larger Version)

In case it’s not immediately clear–the power of makeup is strong in some of these portraits–every two head shots is the same person. The first in the set is the model without makeup and the second in the set is the same model wearing makeup.  As you can see, Zeddie Little, the ridiculously photogenic guy at the bottom, right hand corner is handsomely charming even without makeup.

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8 responses to “Supermodels Without Makeup”

  1. Josh says:

    Too bad most of the mugshots are shot with a totally unflattering lens, light, and pose. That just confuses people more than necessary.

  2. Michal says:

    Idiotic and unfair. The ridiculously photogenic guy is shot smiling, in flattering light, on the other hand the supermodel “before” mugshots are head on, poorly light (on purpose I can only assume) and they are not even smiling.

    Actually even looking at the “befores” I still see very, very attractive women who are purposefully shot in an unflattering way and STILL look attractive.

    This “comparison” is just misleading and wrong – in a word, crap.

  3. Haljan says:

    How about some “real” people with and without makeup? (Ridiculously photogenic guy aside…) Whats the difference there?

  4. Recently the use of Photoshop has been debated a lot in media. Although I do not agree with using PS to change the anatomy of a person, I don’t see a problem with using it for enhancing the skin, hair, colour, etc. It is like going to a fancy restaurant, apart from the food you want the food to be dressed properly, the ambiance to be soothing. People pay photographer so that the end result looks good. This is assisted by great make-up and hair. Otherwise, just buy a good DLSR and ask your “uncle bob” to shoot you.


  5. vincent says:

    this is crazy

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