Interesting Photo of the Day: Snow Dog Portrait

Often times, even the simplest of images can be interpreted in various ways – perhaps literally or figuratively. Consider the following image that photographer Simon Huntley took of his pet. Depending on what you think you’re looking at, you might come to some interesting conclusions about it. Have a look:

snowy bear like dog

“A Dog Bear” by Simon Huntley (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is in fact of his dog which is a Chow and Australian Shepherd mix. Because of how close he was when taking the shot, and because of the dog’s build, you might easily confuse it with an image of a bear. You can see how close Huntley was just by looking at the crisp details on the dog’s piercing eyes.

Now, if you take into account the snow on the dog’s pitch-black coat, things may appear even more interesting. If you picture the snow as stars, you might interpret the image to be of the night sky. And if you look really hard, it also appears like what you see when looking up at tree branches against the sky.

This image is a simple example of how you can use your imagination to interpret an image. What did you first think of when you saw the image?

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