Interesting Photo of the Day: Perfectly Timed Squirrel Photo

Remember that squirrel photobomb picture that went viral a few years back? The one where the curious little guy jumped in front of the camera of a camera in Banff National Park? Well this isn’t it. But, this perfectly timed photo of two squirrels playing is just as cute and funny. It looks like one of the squirrels is using magic—or some kind of Force-like power—on the other one! Don’t mess with this guy:

squirrel uses magic to lift rival

Two squirrels have magic power battle. By Vadim Trunov. (Via 500px. Click image to see full size.)

Vadim Trunov, the Russian photographer behind this Jedi squirrel photo, has a whole series of really funny and playful images of these curious little animals, including a photo where one squirrel becomes the photographer!

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