Interesting Photo of the Day: Not Your Average Wildlife Photo Shoot

Have you ever seen a bird pose for a squirrel for a portrait shot? What about when they switch roles and photograph each other? These two photos show the mock playfulness between the two as each one positions themselves in the frame whilst the other prepares the camera. It must be a nature photographer’s dream come true when their subjects get into position and arrange a photo like this:

photographer wildlife camera

“Squirrel, take a picture of me!” by Vadim Trunov (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Vadim Trunov entices animals to approach his camera and then captures them interacting with it and each other. His collection of wildlife shots shows different animals (especially squirrels) posing behind and in front of the camera. There are usually a pile of seeds or nuts nearby for encouragement. His perspective shows fascination and innocence between the animals that choose to approach his equipment and props. What an interesting idea!

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