Interesting Photo of the Day: Mystical Dolomites

Photography today is so advanced, you can capture images that our eyes cannot see. By using techniques like focus stacking, long exposure and exposure bracketing, you can create an extraordinary image that’s both real and unreal at the same time. Take, for instance, the following image of the Dolomites shot by photographer Niko Rinaldi. He’s created this beautiful art using some of the aforementioned techniques and the result is absolutely breathtaking:

milky way rising over dolomites

“Mystical Dolomites” by Niko Rinaldi (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

What’s really fascinating about the image is the level of detail. It’s quite obvious he took multiple exposures at different times of day for this purpose. He’s also focus stacked the image by focusing separately on the foreground, the landscape and the Milky Way. This way, he has beautifully captured the mist, the peaks, the stars and the flowers. He’s got them all.

The flowers in the foreground beautifully stand out from their surroundings and work as a powerful foreground element. Then there are the peaks in the midground with a dreamy mist surrounding them. This adds so much mood to the image. Then we have the gorgeous Milky Way rising just behind the peak, which gives an indication of things that could be way bigger than what we have here on earth. The progression of micro to macro is what provides a juxtaposition that makes us appreciate how beautiful our world is.

While it is obvious that we cannot naturally see this kind of scene with our naked eyes, we can still agree that it is a gorgeous image. And besides the photographer’s vision, we must thank modern technology for this. What do you think of this image? Let us know in the comments.

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