Interesting Photo of the Day: Midnight Sunrise in Senja

Of all the breathtaking natural phenomena that we can witness, the midnight sun phenomena in Norway is definitely something special. For about 76 days a year, between May and July, northern parts of Norway get to enjoy sunshine 24 hours a day. The sun just gets close to the horizon and starts rising again. How cool is that? And as photographers, just think about the photography opportunities this presents.

Luckily, when photographer Marco Grassi was in Senja, he got to experience this interesting phenomenon when he managed to take the following image. The result is simply out of this world:

“Magical Midnight Sunrise in Senja, Norway” by Marco Grassi (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Considering that Grassi took the image at midnight, it simply blows the mind seeing the sun rays lighting the cliff. But that’s Norway for you. As the sun was still low, it’s beautiful to see how it’s lighting up selective parts of the landscape. This is why, while the side of the cliff facing the sun is bright and warm, the other end still appears dark and has a much cooler look. It’s beautiful to see how the light and color are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

“This place in northern Norway is a photography paradise all year round, but it’s during the summer that you can best enjoy its beautiful hikes and endless sunrises & sunsets.”

Also, the composition of the image is brilliant. The rocks in the foreground beautifully work as a leading line to guide us toward the cliff’s center. Furthermore, the cliff not only divides the image symmetrically but also features a different time of day on either side. The more you look at the image, the more beautiful it gets. Brilliant work by Grassi.

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