Interesting Photo of the Day: Microscopic Abstract Art

Macro photography is fun. Getting up close to a subject usually reveals magnificent details that rarely fail to amaze us. But it turns out that using a microscope to get even closer can help us take photos with details that resemble abstract art. Take for instance the following photograph taken by photographer Justin Zoll. While it looks like digital art, you’ll be surprised to know what it really is.

amino acid on a microscope

“Amino Acids Under a Microscope” by Justin Zoll (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

At first glance, it appears like a beautiful abstract painting. In reality, these are extreme close-ups of amino acids L Glutamine and Beta Alanine, crystallized out of an ethanol solution on a glass slide. Zoll captured this frame at 40x magnification on a microscope using polarized light microscopy. This image is so impressive, it won the Olympus Life Science Image of the Year award for the Americas region.

“I use a polarizing filter between the light source and the sample, and a second one between the sample and the camera sensor.”

The beautiful and vibrant colors, the random yet soothing curves along with the random shapes, when combined together make the image incredibly captivating. It is amazing to realize that these amino acids form a part of the unit of life. It is indeed a brilliant capture by the photographer.

Wouldn’t you believe it if someone said that this was a painting? The image surely belongs in an art gallery. Don’t you agree?

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