Interesting Photo of the Day: Majestic Golden Eagle

Golden eagles are considered to be one of the most agile, powerful, and massive birds of prey. They are also the best fliers in the eagle family and among all raptorial birds. It isn’t an easy task to capture the majestic nature of the bird in a single photograph. However, with the following image, photographer Mikael Persson has done an excellent job. Have a look for yourself:

golden eagle

“Majestic Golden Eagle” by Mikael Persson (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Persson shot the image on a Sony a6000 using the Sony 70-350mm lens at f/8, ISO 1600, with an 1/800-second exposure. It was his first time getting so close to a golden eagle and he definitely made the best use of the opportunity.

Many may even confuse the image to be a studio shot. However, this was shot entirely in the wild. Persson had to shelter himself in a hide to take this shot. It’s understandable why many consider this to be taken in a studio. The lighting, the angle, the pose, and the background all seem so perfect, as if the photographer had everything arranged to take this shot.

By photographing the bird from the back, Persson has captured the plumage beautifully. And the fantastic mix of shadows and highlights draws the eyes right into the beautiful natural patterns. The photographer has also done an excellent job of separating the head region of the bird from the background. The brighter colors, the golden tint, the piercing eyes, and the sharp beak together emphasize the majestic nature of this bird.

Have you ever been lucky enough to encounter the golden eagle?

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