Interesting Photo of the Day: Hidden Glacial Pool Discovered by Drone

Every photographer has his or her preferred gear—camera and lenses, maybe some lighting equipment, but … a drone? That’s right. Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski was able to capture the stunning, almost surreal, scene below thanks to the help of a high-flying drone that spotted the glacial pool nestled among the Karakoram mountains of Pakistan:

glacial pool

“Eye of the Glacier” by David Kaszlikowski. (Via imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Kaszlikowski discovered the pool while scouting shooting locations for his documentary, K2 Touching the Sky. It’s located nearby K2, the second-highest peak in the world, where two glaciers meet. The pool is actually part of the glacier melting. As Kaszlikowski told WIRED Magazine,

“The place was special, making a very clean graphic frame. It was disappearing, melting, changing its form every day. It was quite obvious nobody will photograph it again like me; nobody will see it the same way the next season.”

He used a Canon 5D Mark III on a tripod and a 30-second exposure to capture the shot. To illuminate the pool, he did some “light-painting” with an LED light during the long exposure.

As technology advances, photographers are getting more creative with their approach to their craft, conquering limitations, and accessing shots they might have never been able to before.

“Today, with digital and access to various advanced tools, its much easier to get decent results. But one thing never changes: You have to follow your vision.”

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