Interesting Photo of the Day: Drone Halo Long Exposure

In photography, unplanned photos often turn out to be the best. Take for instance the following image by photographer Rudy Ramirez. His initial plan was to shoot the Milky Way, but the following image ended up being his best from the night. How about that?

halo made by a drone

“Halo Created by a Drone above a Church” by Rudy Ramirez (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Ramirez shot the image with his Sony A7R3 camera and a 24mm GM lens. This is a 10-second exposure that he shot at 24mm, f/1.4 and ISO 250.

If you are curious about the halo-like appearance above the church, you might be surprised to know what it really is. It is in fact a Mavic 2 drone carrying an additional light. The drone operator moved it in a circular path during the 10-second exposure, which resulted in this fantastic light painting. It is indeed a clever use of tech to create the effect. Don’t you agree?

“I can’t take credit for the drone! I was just at the right place at the right time.”

Interestingly, this image was not even planned for. Somebody else at this meetup brought their drone and Ramirez requested them to fly it around the church. The result is pure heavenly beauty. Besides the halo, the blue lighting inside the church adds so much to the image. In a way, the blue light completes the photo.

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