Interesting Photo of the Day: Cinematic Toronto

“I wander the streets of Toronto at night, looking for cinematic moments. This is what I found…”

That’s the lead-up to this beautifully dark, gritty shot of Toronto—one of many from city photographer bora.vs.bora, who is becoming well-known for his cinematic urban photography. Here, he captures a solitary man standing on a dark, wet city sidewalk as steam billows up from the street lit by car headlights and street lights. The scene has a Gotham City or Sin City quality and is packed with symbolism with the “Connect” sign hovering over the lonely scene:

toronto urban night photo

Cinematic Toronto by bora.vs.bora (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

He’s often inspired by dystopian and sci-fi movies when creating his surreal-looking composites:

“…Toronto lends itself well to this style because parts of the city, such as the Financial District, act as a blank canvas—that’s why so many movies set in New York and Chicago are shot here…”

The images are enhanced in Photoshop to really give them their gritty, cinematic feel, then bora.vs.bora shares them on his many social media accounts.

Fun side note: Searching for the unique Bora watermark in each image is likeĀ Where’s Waldo? for photography fans!

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