Interesting Photo of the Day: Breathtaking Sandstone Passage in Arizona

This breathtaking view of one of Arizona’s most famous rock formations was captured by Nicholas Roemmelt, a dentist-turned-nature-photographer who is based in Tyrol, Austria:

mirrow wave arizona sandstone rock formation nicholas roemmelt jurassic reflection

“Mirror Wave” by Nicholas Roemmelt (Via 500px. Click to see full size.)

This picturesque sandstone passage, which is called “The Wave,” can be found at Arizona’s Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and was carved out over millions of years by the raging flash floods that sweep through deserts after thunderstorms. Roemmelt created this image shortly after just such a thunderstorm that thankfully left a small pool of water in its wake. To achieve his vision, he used a Canon EOS 1 DX camera at 19mm, 1/13 of a second, f/16, and ISO 100.

Roemmelt often visits the United States and considers the country’s state and national parks to be some of his favorite locations for photographing landscapes and wildlife.

“I like to roam around in the mountains of Tyrol, from the valley up to the highest glacier peaks, because you can find an amazing amount of ‘wilderness’ there. If I, however, [am looking] for more ‘wilderness,’ I’m usually in the far north of Scandinavia [or in] a United States National Park.” — Roemmelt

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Breathtaking Sandstone Passage in Arizona”

  1. Rio says:

    Oh my goodness, how stunning! I really wish to visit this sandstone valley some day!

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