Interesting Photo of the Day: Antelope Canyon Colors

Photo tours around Antelope Canyon in Arizona are quite the experience. While not everyone seems to enjoy it, the same cannot be said about the photos that you end up getting. The natural beauty of the canyon is so mesmerizing that the images come out terrific and surreal. When photographer Giorgio Suighi was there, he was able to capture this brilliant image:

“Oozing Colors in Antelope Canyon” by Giorgio Suighi (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The textures, patterns, and the interesting shapes of the walls of the canyons are what make this place every photographer’s dream. Who wouldn’t love to be here to photograph the beauty of it? On top of that, what also stands out in the image are the colors.

Maybe it’s the way Suighi has processed the image, or his white balance setting, but the stark contrast in colors between the shadows and the highlights is quite interesting. The dominance of blue tint on the shadows with the bright area outside appearing golden yellow definitely adds a wow factor to the image.

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