Interesting Photo of the Day: Boston Harbor at Dusk

New England photographer Matt MacPherson spends his days exploring landscapes and cityscapes, and a quick look at his work makes it seem as if he’s seen all that there is to see. In his travels across the United States, he’s managed to visit just about every state. His camera has captured the gaping canyons of the southwest, the caverns and overlooks of the Ozarks, and the forests and falls scattered across the east coast. But as this photo proves, sometimes the most beautiful sights can be found at home:

boston harbor

“Boston” captured by Matt MacPherson (Via Flickr. Click image to see full size.)

On the banks of the Charles River, MacPherson managed to snag this image featuring his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. The modern skyscrapers belie the historical significance of the aging port. However, the weathered posts and rope leading to the skyline begin to hint at the story of the city. Tucked away toward the dusk sky is a sail boat, punctuating Boston’s interdependence with the sea.

It’s easy to long for something new, and it’s not uncommon for photographers to struggle to find inspiration in their own backyards. But don’t get discouraged. This photograph is a reminder that no matter where you happen to be, there’s always a beautiful image waiting to be made just around the corner.

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