Interesting Photo of the Day: 747 Through the Fog

Just in case you forgot how intrinsically majestic airplanes were, Alex Esguerra is here to remind you. An aviation photography specialist, Esguerra captured this image of a Boeing 747 taking off at San Francisco International Airport, at the end of Runway 28R, cutting through the fog and leaving the sun behind:

plane taking off in fog

(Via Imgur. Click images to see full size.)

The image speaks for itself, though Esguerra, on his website, explains in a little more detail his love of aviation photography:

“What has always captivated me about aviation is its raw power, its captivating beauty, and the wonderment it stirs within as those magnificent machines break the bonds of Earth. I see planes as a collection of paint strokes on the canvas that is the sky, doing things my ancestors never dreamed possible, and in ways that just boggle the mind.”

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: 747 Through the Fog”

  1. Dwight Schofield says:

    Don’t believe this is a take off. From the proximity of the lights and the angle of the plane I’d guess it was really a landing.

  2. Jean-Charles NIVOIX says:

    Magnifique photo ,mais une erreur il ne décolle pas mais atterri vue les aérofreins sont sortis et je doute qu’on sorte les aérofreins pour décoller.

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