New Zealand Landscape Time-lapse

New Zealand is often listed among the most gorgeous places in the world, and for good reason. With a population of less than 4.5 million people, the natural wonder of this island nation which stretches from wet and temperate in the south to sub-tropical in the north lays beautifully preserved, barely touched by the machines of heavy industry and the density of modern life. These two timelapse videos display the landscapes and weather patterns of the land of the kiwi fruit:

The first film takes us on an etheral journey through the New Zealand skies, over the rivers and mountains, through the valleys and fields, showcasing the magnificent variety of scenery to be found there. The second draws a heavy focus on changing weather formations – billowing clouds as they roll across the vast hills and plains, the arching sun, the rainbows and the double rainbows which form in the misty air:

Both videos were created by Bevan Percival of Primal Earth Images, using the full-frame Canon 5D Mark II. If you’re unfamiliar, time lapse photography is created by using an intervalometer, a device which will cause the camera to take a picture every x minutes (or hours, or seconds). With the camera on a sturdy tripod, it can sit almost indefinitely, capturing the progression of time as the day comes and goes before the lens.

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