Imagine Trying to Organize 116 Celebrities for a Group Photo

What happens when you get 116 of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities together on historic stage 18? The answer: One challenging and stressful group photo. That’s what film industry giants, Paramount Pictures commissioned photographer Art Streiber to capture this for their 100th anniversary:

Sending out invitations to the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Charlize Theron, and Justin Beieber, just to name a few, the production company assembled the group photo and made a short behind the scenes look to go along with it. And the final result:

paramount celebrity group photo

Group Photo with 116 Celebrities Captured by Art Streiber (Click to See Larger Size on Imgur)

It would be hard enough to contain one’s excitement even as a fly on the wall, can you image being the lucky photographer chosen for such a group photo?

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