How to Focus for a DSLR Self-Portrait

If you belong to the burgeoning populace obsessed with the perfect selfie, and you happen to own a DSLR, this is one trick you definitely need to know. Joseph Parry has a method which tends to produce a perfect result every time you push the shutter release:

These are the main tools that Parry used for the shoot:

The challenge—as you can imagine—is that you can’t be at two places at the same time to focus an 85mm f/1.2 lens on yourself. Not even if you are Barry Allen.

Self-Portrait Focusing Trick

The trick is in setting up your camera to be focused and fired remotely using a wireless device.

Parry used a EOS 6D and the steps mentioned here relate to that camera, so the steps mentioned here may or may not match exactly with those on your camera.

  1. Go to the Wi-Fi function on your camera and turn it on.
  2. Connect to the device of choice.
  3. Next you will see this screen. Click ‘OK’ to select Camera Access Point Mode.
how to make the perfect selfie using your DSLR

Select Camera Access Point

  1. Select Easy Connection from the next screen. This screen will display a random password key which you will need in Step 7 below.
Setting up a DSLR for remote shooting

Setting up your camera with the Easy Connection Mode

  1. At this point ensure that you are connected to the Internet and you have the Canon Camera Connect app installed on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Next go to Settings on your device and connect to a Wi-Fi network named “Canon 6D”.
  3. Enter the random password key (from Step 4).
Pairing your smartphone with your camera

This is the key you need from Step 4 to pair your smartphone with your camera

  1. Go back to the Canon Camera Connect app. In a few moments a window should pop up that will give you the option to establish connection with your camera. Once you tap on it your phone and your camera will be connected.

How to Shoot a Perfect Self-Portrait

Everything is basically downhill from here on. Go to Remote Shooting on the camera app. You will now be able to see the view that your camera sees. You can tap to focus. Move the focus selector around using the navigation arrows.

Perfect selfie using a DSLR

How about this for the perfect selfie?

It might take you a few shots and some time to perfect the technique, but the image you end up getting should be a crisp, sharp, and professional self-portrait—something that is hard to manage using a smartphone.

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