How a Professional Photography Printing Lab Works

If you’ve ever wondered how the inside of a high-end printing studio operates, Miller’s Lab – America’s largest professional printing lab – gives us just such an opportunity in this video from Chris Marquardt. Shannon Butler, Miller’s Press Department Lead, walks Marquardt (and us along with him) through the process of printing their many different products, including prints, books, buisness cards, stickers, posters, and DVD cases:

To create their products, Miller employs the use of dozens of huge and impressive machinery, including both Kodak and HP brand printing presses as well as specialized cutters, stitchers, punchers, and binders (and even ovens!).

Between a wide array of automated processes and an expert staff of experienced operators, Miller produces gorgeous prints for photographers and other artists from across the United States and beyond.

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Miller has grown to be a world leader in its business through the meticulous attention to detail displayed in this video, not to mention an exhaustive range of options when it comes to types of products and the exceptional quality materials available.

In their fifty years of operation, Miller’s has perfected the printing process by streamlining production and whittling their methods down to a simple and repeatable science, allowing them to boast not only incredible volume, but perfection, too.

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