Freerunners Use Photography as an Excuse for Their Stunts and Get Arrested

Self-proclaimed professional adventurer James Kingston seeks out the tallest objects in some of the world’s greatest cities and climbs them for no fathomable reason.

On his 2014 visit to Kiev, Ukraine, Kingston and his partner-in-crime, Mustang Wanted, climbed to the top of the 390-foot-tall Moscow Bridge. Dangling over the Dnieper River, Kingston filmed their ascent, descent, and shenanigans at the apex. The sight of two men playing atop the pillars of the bridge certainly drew the attention of drivers on the bridge below—including the police:

With his camera still rolling, Kingston and Mustang Wanted told the police that they were photographers, insisting they scaled the bridge to capture panoramas.

adventure photography

Kingston and Mustang Wanted’s exchange with the police went like this:

“Don’t worry, we’re just photographers.”

“What are you taking photos of?”

“We were taking panoramic photos.”

“Panoramic photos of what?”

“Panoramic photos of Kiev.”

“Why was he doing somersaults up there?”

“Because he’s an English Spiderman.”

Apparently, claiming to be an English Spiderman won’t gain you any celebrity perks in Kiev—police carried these two “superheroes” away in the back seat of their cop car.

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