A Must-See Roadtrip Timelapse of North America

Ever wanted to just drop everything, jump in your van, and travel across North America photographing its incredible vistas? Well that’s just what timelapse photographer Joel Schat has done. And he has turned out some awesome compilation videos, including this latest demo reel:

Made to be Seen is a compilation covering the last two years of Schat’s travels:

“My passion for the past 2 years has been to show off Creation as best I know how, which lead me to mountain tops, canyons, beaches, and all sorts of spectacular places!”

Two years and thousands of miles later, this passion has led him from Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada down to the border of Mexico and the desertscapes of Arizona and New Mexico, and back up again– all the while capturing spectacular mountain tops, canyons, and beaches through the lens of timelapse photography.

Joel Schat Timelapse


For gear, Schat carries with him his Canon 6D and Canon 5D Mark II, a number of Canon lenses (16-35 mm f/2.8, 24-70 mm f/2.8, and a 70-200 mm f/4), a Rokinon 14mm (for stars), and Lee filters. For motion control he uses DP Stage 1 Carbon and DP Stage 0, Emotimo TB3, and his Promote Control.


If you’re curious as to how Joel works his magic, check out A Day In the Life of a Timelapse Photographer.

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One response to “A Must-See Roadtrip Timelapse of North America”

  1. Ian Toms says:

    That is the most awesome time-lapse video i have ever seen. Thank you

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