6 Tips for Creative Family Portraits

If you’ve been assigned to photograph a family on holiday or on an outing, it’s both a challenge and a wonderful opportunity. It’s a challenge because it’s not easy to elicit a natural pose or a smile. It’s a wonderful opportunity because it feels so satisfying when the images turn out great. It’s easy to get entangled in choosing the right gear or the right technique for shooting family photos. The key, however, is in the right approach. This video tutorial provides some helpful tips:

1. Incorporate Action

It’s often said that natural reactions produce the best photos. The best way to elicit a natural reaction is when your subjects are engaged in fun little activities and are completely immersed in the fun.

family portrait images

Incorporate action into your shoot.

2. Go With the Flow

Plan the shots you want to make, but also have your camera ready for any special moments that you may not have planned for. When they do present themselves go with the flow.

family fun portraits

Go with the flow.

3. Get Every Possible Combination

As SLR Lounge shows, make sure to have every possible combination of family members in the photos: just the kids, the whole family, father and daughter, etc. That way you have a larger pool of shots to select from. You also have that many different moments and emotions.

how to shoot fun family portraits

Pose your subjects in different combinations.

4. Capture Candid, In-Between moments

As always, take your time to shoot candid moments. Candid moments are priceless, as they capture genuine and relaxed expressions. Kids make the best expressions when you let them be themselves. Direct their energy and capture their interactions between staged shots to make beautiful portraits.

candid kid photography

Capture candid photos of the kids.

5. Have a Mini Couple Session

Don’t forget the parents! While the kids play around and take a break, divert some time to do a mini couple session. Treat this as an engagement session and mix different poses together.

family portrait photo shoot

Dedicate some time to the parents.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Silly

Sometimes getting a bit silly can result in those special photos that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Make a funny face, capture their reactions, and encourage them to goof with each other.

Family portrait photos

Encourage families to goof off.

What other tips do you have for getting great family photos?

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