6 Genius IKEA Hacks for the DIY Photographer

Photography can be an expensive pursuit—or not, depending on how you look at things and how resourceful you are. If you love ordering things from the comfort of your home and want things to be perfect, this is not for you. But if you love to tweak things a bit and save a handsome amount of money in the process, this list is a treasure trove of ideas. From soft boxes to backdrops to a portable laptop hood, this two and a half minute video from Shootr has six cheap photo hacks all made from IKEA products:

1. Schottis



Make a softbox with this paper pleated shade. It takes just a few seconds to set up and works absolutely fine.

photography hacks

Image captured using a Schottis

2. Glasholm

Setting up a black glass as a table


This black glass table makes for a beautiful effect. It’s excellent for shooting beverage bottles and other table-top photo assignments, especially with a low-key effect.

setting up photography hacks

Shot using a ‘Glasholm’

3. Snudda

The Snudda provides a lazy Susan to improve your food videos. It works like a charm (read: turntable). Just spin it gently whilst recording food videos and the value it adds to your production goes way beyond the money you spent (which is negligible).

Shooting food videos

Snudda, a manual ‘turntable’

4. Blanda Blank

This serving bowl is cut to size for use as a beauty dish. It’s cheap, extremely effective, and durable, though takes a bit of work to get it right by the looks of it. A Blanda Blank is probably the best beauty dish you’ll ever have. The best thing is it’s made to order.

Cheap DIY beauty dish

Blanda Blank

5. Tupplur

The Tupplur ia a block-out roller that you can use as a background. It’s perfect for grey or black backgrounds for your studio portraits.

Cheap black backgrounds for your photos

A ‘Tupplur’ being set up

6. Drona

Try a laptop hood made out of a storage box. The Dröna, spelled almost like the mythical Indian hero Drona, is simple, effective and a real life saver when reviewing images in high resolution under the glaring sun.

Easy photography hacks


So which one of these hacks do you like the most? Which one will you try out first?

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