Watch This Enchanting Chicago Cityscape Timelapse

One man’s journey to capture a city in new light proves fruitful. This beautiful timelapse of Chicago is the result of two years of simultaneous work and fascination with ‘The Windy City” by cinematographer Eric Hines. The interesting new vantage points and seasonal cycles give us an intricate look at an ever changing city:

A lot of hard work went into gathering the diverse footage. On his blog, Hines explains that gaining access to these views proved challenging:

“I knew that getting access to buildings with interesting views of the city from above would be one of the most difficult parts. Using the internet as my tool, I was able to get in touch with contacts who proved to be very valuable in getting these special shots.”

chicago skyline in winter shadow

Another trial came in the amount of time it took to get the shots. Because of the hit or miss nature of timelapse, Hines would sometimes come home empty-handed or with very few shots. But when he did get some footage, he couldn’t wait to get home to process it.

This timelapse is part two of an ongoing timelapse project. As the third largest American city changes and grows, so does Hines’ love for it:

“The goal for me is always to capture the city in a unique way from new perspectives, and to continue exploring it.”

chicago bean reflection timelapse sequence

Hines used a Canon 5D Mark III and various lenses to capture the video sequences. He used a Kessler CineDrive and Second Shooter in motion control with the CineSliders.

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