Using Reflected Light When Photographing Waterfalls

When it comes to waterfall landscape photos, it’s usually the waterfall that adds life to the image. But there are so many ways to shoot them. If you’re looking for answers and ideas regarding waterfall photography, we have the right video for you. Professional landscape photographer Nigel Danson shares some amazing tips on capturing waterfalls and making the best use of a polarizer:

When photographing a waterfall, you want viewers to concentrate on the waterfall. So when composing your image, make sure not to have anything distracting, especially huge rocks, dominant in the frame. They can be distracting and dilute the essence of your image. Danson also demonstrates how you can use leading lines and greenery around to create compelling frames.

A lot of us think that using a polarizer is mandatory when shooting waterfalls. While using a polarizer can indeed help get rid of distracting reflections, remember that all reflections are not bad. As you can see in the video, when the smooth portion of the water reflects the sky and the greenery around, it looks so much better. It’s the same with the wet rocks. Damp rocks without any reflection can appear muted and lifeless.

For more tips and tricks on taking better waterfall photos, be sure to watch the complete video. We’re sure Danson’s tips will help you out a lot.

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