Unconventional Places to Find Photography Inspiration

Photography is a creative art form like many others. One common challenge among them all is the feeling of being creatively drained. Occasionally, you might feel like you have hit a roadblock. But rest assured, there are many sources of inspiration that can get you up and running. Today we have photographer Alex Kilbee sharing where we can discover new sources of inspiration that may seem unusual:

A common thing that many photographers do when they feel creative exhaustion is to look at the works of others. But, as Kilbee points out, the creative pool is more of a bog now. There are too many mediocre photographers out there to distract you. It is essential to explore other media for inspiration, too. He recommends going through the works of other photographers through books, monograms and galleries. If you don’t know who to look for, Kilbee even shares a trick you can use with Google and Amazon to find photographers and artists you can follow.

“Look beyond photography. Anything that piques your interest can be inspirational.”

Another beautiful point that Kilbee raises in the video is to look for inspiration beyond photography: movies, television, even other painters. These art forms share a common ground and are rich sources of visual inspiration for each other. So be sure to watch and take notes.

You may feel the need to create something new and original. This can be a behemoth of a challenge because—as Kilbee rightly points out—everything is a remix. It is very difficult for our creatives to come up with completely original works. And that’s because we are constantly drawing influence from others. Subconsciously, we tend to use them as the raw ingredients to come up with our best version.

If you feel that you could use some inspiration for your photography, definitely watch the complete video. The insights will help you out a lot. And feel free to share what inspires you—we could all learn from each other.

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