Why Sports Photography Matters – Especially at the Olympics

What do you think of when somebody says “sports photography”? Most of us relate sports photography to photojournalism: a medium to freeze moments that make it to the news. And this belief is somewhat accurate. But we’d be so wrong to limit the scope of sports photography there. On a grand stage like the Olympics, it is not just about who wins or loses, but it also has a lot to do with emotions. This mix of emotion into the equation is what takes sports photography to the next level. It makes the genre of photography much stronger. In today’s video, we have photographer Alex Kilbee who talks about the real strength of sports photography:

When players participate on a global stage, it is not just a matter of winning or losing. It also becomes a matter of national honor and pride. The participants at that stage commit themselves to the pursuit of a goal. This is why emotions run high and so the feelings of joy, anguish, triumph and defeat become more meaningful. For a sports photographer, this is an opportunity to capture a precious moment in history and present it to the rest of the world and possibly future generations.

“For a brief moment in time, we get to share in the way it must feel to these athletes as they push themselves to the very limits of their capabilities in pursuit of a dream.”

Also, if you’ve ever thought about it, sports photographs tell us quite a lot. You may have never played or watched a particular sport, but the images of them convey the mood and tone. Such photographs not only tell us about the winners but also capture humanity and emotions. Kilbee shares some brilliant examples of such instances.

Have you ever tried sports photography and ended up capturing a powerful photo? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.—

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One response to “Why Sports Photography Matters – Especially at the Olympics”

  1. ernaldo says:

    Phooey! Sports, especially olympics is doing a slow death, poisoning by politics!

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