What to Do if You’re Feeling Unmotivated as a Photographer

Remember when you started your photography journey? You were excited, read a lot of articles, watched a ton of videos, went out frequently to take photos and enjoyed every moment. But let’s face it—chances are high that this level of excitement will not stay. This can make you feel like you have hit a wall. Photographer Omar Gonzalez discusses this issue in today’s video and shares some pathways to help:

A valid point that Gonzalez raises in the video is about creative exhaustion. It is not uncommon for people in the creative field to run out of ideas and feel unmotivated. As a photographer, you might be scrolling through your social media feed and feel that others are doing better than you. Photography can just feels like a waste of time. But if you wait, you’ll find that’s just a phase—and there are ways to grow out of it.

If you are going through this kind of rough patch, work on a path that will get you out of the game entirely. Remember, this kind of mindset only sucks the creative feeling out of you and promotes an inferiority complex. Gonzalez recommends pausing your photography to try something else instead. This will help you to reboot your mind and gather a fresh perspective.

Another important suggestion that he gives is to cleanse yourself. Take a break from social media. Instead, get ahold of some physical photo books. Books allow you to deeply study poses, lighting and other techniques. If you’d like some suggestions on what books to go through, be sure to watch the complete video for recommendations.

There are a ton of other tips that Gonzalez shares regarding the importance of physical prints, starting with an ending in mind and knowing the right moment to head out into the field. If you feel that you are not progressing in photography and need a creative kick, we highly recommend that you go through the complete video. You’ll definitely find it useful to rejuvenate your love for photography.

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