Using an App to Help Pose Your Photo Subjects

You could be great at nailing the camera settings and handling challenging lighting conditions, but all of that won’t matter if you cannot get your subjects to pose properly. Posing is one of the biggest factors that determines the success of an image. Whatever mood that you want to convey, it’s the posing that plays a major role to convey it. But, with that said, not many photographers invest their time and resources to learn the art of posing. And when it comes to workday, they really struggle – especially if the subject is not used to getting photographed much. In today’s video, we have photographer Taylor Jackson taking about a modern solution to such issues; an app that helps photographers to pose their subjects:

Jackson showcases an app called Unscripted that has a lot of posing guides depending on what you will be shooting. The app features collections of prompts and poses that will help you get the most out of your sessions. By referring to the featured poses, you can learn how to confidently direct your subjects and come up with beautiful looking photos. And the good thing about this app is that more and more poses get added with time. So, you’re not stuck with the same set of poses.

Besides poses, the app also has some other handy features that help you schedule your shoots, keep a track of the sun, and camera settings guide among others. While the app is free to download, you will need to purchase it to unlock the full features.

Be sure to check the app out. Who knows when you might just need it.

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