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Dave Powell didn’t always have an eye or interest in photography. However, when his profession led him to Tokyo—approximately 6700 miles from his hometown—he found himself suddenly seeking a creative outlet. As he learned to call a foreign country home, he began to see the entire world a little differently. In the following short film, he speaks about his experience:

When Powell first got a camera into his hands, there was suddenly beauty in the smoke and neon of the city. Although observing the actions and eccentricities of Tokyo started out as a hobby, it quickly transformed into a passion. He began staking out streets and alleyways throughout the city in search of the opportune moment.

Portrait of Japanese businessman

The more daring Powell became behind his camera, the more he found that photography served as a means of connecting with people near and far. His camera encouraged him to interact with the neighbors and strangers he passed by day after day. Eventually, he began to share his findings on his blog, ShootTokyo, where he found a virtual community interested in his eye.

Tokyo Metro Stop

Sincerely intrigued by the strangeness and allure that his city has to offer, Powell shared the following bit of introspection concerning the impact photography has had on him:

“Street photography has changed the way I experience life and the world around me, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. When I slow down, when I truly observe, the funniest thing happens. I find myself discovering a world I usually rush by.”

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  1. He’s a very good photographer, but I think he doesn’t update his website much anymore :(

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