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You’ve been involved with photography for some time now- haven’t you? Don’t you sometimes wish that you felt more motivated to create pictures? You can’t always be traveling to exotic locations to excite your inner-artist. Enter the Photographer’s Creativity Catalog– where you simply scroll to any page – read a few paragraphs… And, start creating something new and exciting. We were able to negotiate 62% off today if you want to check it outDeal found here: The Photographer’s Creativity Catalog at 62% Off

Take a Peek Inside

You’ll get instant access to download this 207 Page Guide covering 20 Chapters of creativity-sparking assignments and ideas.

Here are a few teasers from the guide:

  • It can be torn, crumpled, ripped, or shredded. You can draw on it, write on it, paint on it, or dribble whatever stuff suits your fancy onto it. Sometimes light will pass through it, and sometimes it won’t. It can be shaped, molded, or sculpted. [ Page 11 ]
  • Sometimes new ideas can be born from old technology. This is a re-birth of creativity. [ Page 21 ]
  • It can be simple, or, extremely complex. You can pre-plan it, or just let it happen. [ Page 32 ]
  • This is the beauty of a project like this. If you’re feeling uninspired, introducing an unknown factor (such as a broken mirror) can ignite your imagination. Suddenly even the most mundane location (or subject) takes on a new meaning. [ Page 44 ]
  • The photographer took what began as a simple pinhole image of a tulip and transformed it into artwork using compositing techniques! (You can use your FREE Bonus textures in this technique.) [ Page 83 ]
  • Part of opening up your creativity is the introduction of a multi-medium. You’ve heard of multimedia art, right? This is where artists combine all sorts of different materials into one piece of artwork.[ Page 87 ]
  • Photographers often overlook one of the simplest and most powerful building blocks of photographic creation: point of view, also known as POV.[ Page 106 ]
  • Back around 1980, Wackerbarth began touring around the United States with a red couch in the back of his truck. Wherever his whimsy took him, he would photograph the people and places of that location with the red couch. [ Page 128 ]
table of contents

Table of Contents

  • That’s the fun of creating ‘shutter drag’ photographs; the possibilities are almost endless. [ Page 147 ]
  • It’s easy for the creative eye to become lazy. [ Page 154 ]
  • Instead of assigning yourself the location ‘downtown’, be more specific and say ‘the public library downtown’, and even better, say ‘the lounge area on the 3rd floor of the public library downtown’. [ Page 161 ]
  • The images don’t necessarily have to be directly related in subject matter. You can explore other creative connections such as a repetition of color. [ Page 175 ]

“We all suffer burnout. The best way to combat burnout is to explore new avenues of personal expression.” – Kent DuFault (Author of the Creativity Catalog)

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Deal found here: The Photographer’s Creativity Catalog at 62% Off

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