The Best Ever Photoshop and Lightroom Cheat Sheets

Update 6/24/15: PDFs have been reformatted for easier printing.

If you find yourself struggling to remember all of Photoshop’s and Lightroom’s shortcuts, these cheat sheets are just what you’ve been waiting for. The folks at setupblogtoday have created the ultimate printable guides to help you out here:

2015 Adobe Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

photoshop keyboard shortcuts and cheatsheet

Photoshop CC Cheat Sheet (Via Click image for printable PDF.)

2015 Adobe Lightroom CC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

lightroom cheat sheet

Lightroom Cheat Sheet (Via Click image for printable PDF.)

Put these up on the wall next to your work station and cut down on all that editing time!

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8 responses to “The Best Ever Photoshop and Lightroom Cheat Sheets”

  1. Loren Power says:

    Please redo the cheatsheets in a printable format. A blue background with black and white text makes no sense at all. White background with black print with some color if you must.

    Thank you.

  2. Michele says:

    Great idea – but the pdfs won’t print.

  3. Tom Jones says:

    Viewing cheat sheets on a MacBook Pro I cannot find a view/format that will let me print the entire sheet. Every attempt to print comes up as a one page document that is only partial of the entire cheat sheet. Need printing directions please.

  4. George Cole says:

    I am interested if this will be corrected so it is useable/printable.

  5. gary says:

    Page prints too small pdf tries to fit all on one page

  6. Dave says:

    What is the point of these PDFs if you can’t print them? Great idea to do this, but pretty much worthless.

  7. Loren Power says:

    You fixed Lightroom pretty well, but you didn’t do Photoshop the same way……….Why???

  8. wilma says:

    What about for Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

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