Sunrise/Sunset Photography Recipe Cards at 65% Off

Like having a professional landscape photographer by your side, telling you exactly what to do to get the perfect shot – anywhere. Proven, step-by-step recipes for 22 different types of sunrise & sunset photo opportunities, so you get the perfect photo every time. Print and carry in your camera bag, or simply save to your phone for quick reference. They are currently 65% off today if you want to check them outDeal found here: The Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards at 65% Off

sunset recipe cards

New: The Sunrise/Sunset Recipe Cards (Click to Learn More)

Topics Covered:

  • How to create amazing sunrise & sunset photos: By following his proven “Recipe” you will be photographing sunrise & sunsets like a professional – fast!
  • Quick & easy: The ‘Sunrise/Sunset Recipe Cards’ are the quickest and easiest way to short-cut your way to taking amazing sunrise & sunset photos.
  • Photo cheat sheet: He’s distilled 16 years of sunrise & sunset photography experience onto each card.
  • Short-cut your learning curve by simply modelling what he did to capture & polish these 22 stunning images.
  • Get the original images & presets Download the original RAW images and the finished presets to learn how to polish your images like a pro.
  • Tips & tricks on how to get your sunrise & sunset images to POP!

Picture it…

You’re standing on a spectacular beach just before sunrise. The sand is cool on your feet, the sound of the waves almost hypnotic as your excitement builds.

You’ve glanced at the Human Element Sunrise Recipe Card so you’re totally prepared. Now you just have to dial in the settings, follow the composition instructions, and start shooting.

using sunrise card

Using a Sunset Recipe Card

You check the histogram on your camera with the sample histogram provided on the recipe card, make micro-adjustments, and enjoy the moment.

You’ve just captured an Epic Sunrise complete with silky water lapping the contrasting grainy sand, coral-pink cotton-wool clouds dancing in the sky, and a golden glow sneaking above the horizon that hints something spectacular is about to happen.

Scanning the scene, you spot a tree you’d like to feature in the foreground.

So, you grab the Sunrise Silhouette Recipe Card from your camera bag, dial in the new settings, and now you’ve just captured another magical morning memory.

sunrise sunset checklist

Sunrise/Sunset Checklist

(Use the handy checklist provided to make sure you’ve packed everything & don’t forget any crucial steps)

Now you turn away from the ocean towards the hinterland mountain range. It’s still early and the rugged peaks are bathed in an eerie blue mist. Rising above one of the peaks you spot a hot-air balloon.

You quickly reach for your Mountain Sunrise Recipe Card. In less than a minute, you’ve followed the ‘recipe’, and have your third wall-worthy photo for the morning.

printed recipe cards

Printed Sunrise/Sunset Recipe Cards

Not Mere Theory – It’s An Education In The Field

Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards are like having a professional photographer by your side. Not only will you get amazing photos every time, you’ll become a better, more confident photographer as you learn how to…

  • Prepare for every shot (including camera, lens, and accessories)
  • Evaluate different scenes (including primary subject, engaging composition, accurate lighting, and more)
  • Picture the ultimate end result (including tone, focal point, story, and more)
  • Master your camera (and feel confident with the features and settings)
  • Analyse results in the field (including effective use of histograms)
  • Use micro-adjustments to get a better RAW image (without post-processing)
  • Enjoy the process and the outcome (with less dud shots and more wall-worthy, amazing photos)
cards for camera bag

Prepare for every shot

They contain the distilled secrets of 16 years of sunrise and sunset photography experience, presented in easy-to-follow, quick-glance bullets.

Each card is easy to print, laminate, and carry in your camera bag for quick reference in the field.

How to Get Them for a Discount (and Bonuses):

They are currently on sale which ends soon (Normally $110, today $39). Plus the offer includes a helpful bonus of 22 fully finished Lightroom Presets to help with sunrise and sunset photo editing. A generous 30 day happiness guarantee also makes it so there is no risk in trying them.

Deal found here: The Sunrise/Sunset Recipe Cards at 65% Off

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