Northern Lights: Captured in all its Glory with Timelapse Photography

The Northern Lights is a spectacular display of nature that any photographer would pay to see and shoot. From the slower dancing lights, to the faster and more dramatic movements, it truly is a sight to behold. Photographer Ole C. Salomonsen’s video, which contains both stills and video sequences created with DSLRs, is one that does the Northern Lights justice:

The decision to include the real-time video footage was made so that audiences can better appreciate the speed at which the polar spirits ‘dance’.

Most of the sequences in the video were shot near the city of Tromsø (also known as “The Northern Lights City”) in northern Norway, while the city sequences were shot in and around the Tromsø area as well. It also includes a sequence shot in Findland and one in Sweden.

northern lights
display of northern lights

Equipment used:

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