Inside a Professional Paparazzi Photography Bag

Getting a sneak peak inside a professional paparazzi’s camera bag isn’t something we are treated to on a regular basis, which makes the video below all the more interesting. For this clip, the cameras are turned from the celebrities and onto the photographers that make a living photographing stars and starlets. Regardless of your opinion on the integrity of the job, it’s still quite interesting to see what kind of tools the photographers use. Besides the obvious DSLR, there may be an item or two in there that you might not have considered:

So, what is inside of this paparazzi’s camera bag? At the time of making this video clip, which was back in 2008, this is the standard equipment he brought to work with him on any given day:

  • Two Canon 40Ds
  • The Lenses: 70-200mm f/2.817-55mm f/2.8, 28–70mm, and the main shooter, a 120-300mm f/2.8
  • Video camera with wide angle adapter
  • Pepper Spray because the photographers are walking around with over $10,000 worth of gear.
  • Speedlights and battery packs for quick recharging.

professional photography gear

“Our type of photography is completely different than conventional photography. I would consider ourselves photojournalist but we are beyond photojournalists. We have a more special photographic skill which is basically we have to combine sports photography with photojournalism, and that’s the difference. We only have seconds to capture our material. We have limited, limited time to capture what we need to capture.”

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2 responses to “Inside a Professional Paparazzi Photography Bag”

  1. Kent Forrest says:

    “and that’s the difference.”

    Oh, wait. That and the fact that you are somewhere between attorney and terrorist on the “plague upon society” ranking system.

  2. Ray says:

    I sometimes shoot at night in areas that are potentially less than ‘safe’. Holding the small pepper spray can while holding the camera is actually a useful tip. Thanks.

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