How to Photograph Interiors as a Real Estate Photographer

If you want to advance your real estate photos from bland to high-end magazine-quality, you need to pick up some tips and tricks from the experts. That’s where this bundle of tutorials comes in. Learn to photograph and retouch interior design photos that sell, whether your interest is in hotels, restaurants, or real estate. Serge Ramelli shares his expertise from 8+ years of shooting interiors. Found here: Interior Design Photography

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Interior Photography Tutorial Bundle

These interior design photography instructional videos give you over five hours of expert advice and techniques, designed to take you from beginner to advanced with minimal equipment. Plus, you’ll get all the RAW files from the featured shoots so you can practice post-processing while you watch.

Part 1: Secrets, Tips and Tricks

This is the complete course on how to shoot and retouch interior design. Having made a good living from being a interior design photographer, this course will show you Ramelli’s secrets, tips, and tricks to create stunning photos. First he takes up shooting the interior design with live videos and then he takes each project one-by-one and demonstrates the full retouching from start to finish.

interior building photo

How to photograph tough interiors with challenging lighting

  • basic shooting techniques
  • shooting in small spaces
  • high-key effect for white rooms
  • retouching

How to photograph interiors for hotels and businesses

Part 2: How to Shoot, Retouch and Finalize

Serge Ramelli’s all-new interior design course covers using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. It takes you through four projects from A to Z. He shows you how he shoots, retouches, and finalizes professional quality interior design photos—the kind you see in magazines and used in real estate!

house interior and exterior

Master conditions that include both indoor and outdoor light

  • gear list
  • shooting with flash
  • dodging with flash technique
  • vintage living room shoot
  • panorama HDR
  • correcting color issues in Lightroom
  • virtual reality scenes
interior photography

The Ultimate Training Bundle to Become an All-Around Professional

“If you can deliver a photo that will create an emotional impact, you will be recommended over and over….Believe me, word of mouth is still the best promotion out there.”

Found here: Interior Design Photography Bundle

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One response to “How to Photograph Interiors as a Real Estate Photographer”

  1. Joe Barnet says:

    This is not an article, it is simply an ad. With very few images, and no hint of content. The best way to “sell” instruction videos, workshops, etc. is to provide a few free tips, ideas, techniques, and so on. This builds trust, and qualifies the seller as an accomplished photographer and instructor. There was nothing like that here. You have to buy to learn even if you think this guy knows what he’s doing or if the instruction level is what you are looking for.

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