How to Create a Magic Effect in Photoshop


Before Changes


After Changes

This tutorial will show you how to create a magic effect or glowing flame effect that can be added to virtually any digital photo.

1. Add brightness and lots of contrast.
(Image>Adjustments>Brightness/ Contrast)

Brightness: +11

Contrast: +20


2. Isolate the girl from the background.  If you need more help with this step please refer to our tutorial on Separating a Subject from it’s Background.


3. Apply a Watercolor Filter to a new layer with only the background on it  (Filter>Artistic>Watercolor).  Then merge the layers together.

4. Render a 50-300mm Zoom Lens Flare with an intensity of about 129.  Make sure its over the Rose.  (Filter>Render>Lens Flare)


5. Render Lighting Effects with the settings like the picture on the left.  (Filter>Render>Lighting Effects)

Light Type: Omni
Color: Between Pink and Red
Intensity: 17
Material: 69
Ambience: 50


joss 800x600

Magic Effect

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