How to Become a Professional Nature Photographer Course

Do you love nature and photography and wish to make money photographing the great outdoors? Would you like to make outdoor and nature photography a full time business? This video course is meant to jump start your career. You will learn what, how, and where to photograph as well as how to set up your business and market and sell your photography. Found here: Professional Outdoor & Nature Photography Course

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How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer Course

There is no more fulfilling career than being a full time outdoor and nature photographer and having your work published in calendars, magazines, and more.

Charlie Borland has been published in over 1000 calendars, many of the major outdoor magazines, advertising, company brochures, and he’s founded and co-founded two stock photo agencies.

If you’re interested in photographing the outdoors as a full time or part time business, Borland’s video course can show you how to create images for the markets and license them to clients.

Topics Covered

  • How the outdoor and nature photography markets work
  • Techniques and approaches for making marketable images of nature and outdoor adventure
  • Camera equipment and other gear
  • Organizing your stock photos and setting up your business.
  • Making even more money with concept photography
  • Creating marketable compositions
  • Mastering natural light and supplemental lighting
  • Mastering the technical sides of photography
  • Marketing yourself and your business
  • Pricing and negotiating a photo sale
  • How to get represented by stock photo agencies
  • Presenting your portfolio
  • Bidding on photo assignments
  • Photographing outdoor products
  • Planning and prepping for the big assignment
  • Creating a portfolio and presenting it in a meeting
  • Finding models

What’s included?

  • Over 100 videos (13+ hours)
  • A downloadable pricing guide
  • The tools needed to create top images
  • Photoshop tips
  • Strategies for pricing and selling your photography
  • Strategies for succeeding in the business

By the end of the course, it’s hoped that you’ll know how to photograph marketable images, set up your business, promote your business, and negotiate a photo sale.

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This business of nature photography course is designed for photographers who want to start a full time or part time photography business. No photography or business experience is needed.

 Course Requirements

  • Passion!
  • A love for the outdoors, nature, wildlife, and the environment
  • A sense of adventure and love of travel
  • A willingness to work hard
  • Oh, a camera, tripod, a computer, and software
  • A basic understanding of digital photography, cameras, and processing software is needed. Some Photoshop is covered.

How to Get this Training Course:

The course includes video lectures and assignments for easy understanding.

Find it here: How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer Course

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  1. Ellen Darby says:

    Hi, I am interested in registering for this class. Will be traveling for 7 months with very limited access to i-net. Will I be able to download the videos to my computer?

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