How Landscape Photography Can Help Improve Mental Health

Mother Nature is an excellent healer. A beautiful vista, fresh breeze and the wonderful sound of faraway birds can do wonders whenever you’re feeling down. Taking time away from the city and hitting the nature trails can do wonders for your mental health. And if you’re a photographer, there are few better places than the wilderness to find inspiration. In today’s video, photographer Gavin Hardcastle shares how landscape photography has helped ease his depression:

With all the restrictions in place due to COVID, most of us have been going through stressful times. Travel bans have emphasized this problem, trapping many of us within the vicinity of our homes or cities. But now that millions of people are getting vaccinated daily, it might be a good idea to jump into nature’s lap and rejuvenate.

You can use landscape photography as an excuse to spend some time in nature and refresh your mind. Find a scenic place nearby and go for a hike. Trekking a mountain will not only lift your mood, but also raise your spirit. Imagine standing amidst the clouds taking photos—this can also boost your creativity and help you think clearer.

“One thing I can always rely on to give me the happiest of thoughts is when the light performs its magic.”

Also, taking that perfect image when the lighting turns magical is extremely uplifting. You can enjoy the magical moment in person and also document it as a photograph. You can then share the same feeling with others online.

Has photography helped you with your mental health struggles? We’d love to hear from you below.

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