How a Professional Photographer Packs & Organizes His Gear for Any Situation

Have you ever seen a photographer in the airport and wondered, “What equipment does he have with him, and how much did he bring?” Traveling to a shoot can be tricky because you can only bring a limited amount of gear. So when that limit is put on you, how much do you bring, what do you bring, and how do you pack it all? In this video, photographer Andrew Link shows you the gear he travels with and how he keeps it safe, compact, and organized:

Factors to Consider When Looking to Buy A Photo Bag:

  • Hard or Soft Case – Hard cases obviously have better protection. Link says he swears by them (he uses the Pelican 1510). He has even dropped his down a staircase without any damage. However, hard cases are not easily accessible and their bulk can make them difficult to carry around. Soft packs often provide a more comfortable way of carrying them and allow you quicker access to your gear.
  • Security – Do you need a bag with a lock on it? Are you afraid your gear could possibly be stolen? There are two forms of security when it comes to photo bags. The security of wearing your bag and the security of being able to open it. Your case may be impossible to open without the right key, but if you’re not standing near it, theft is a potential problem. On the other hand, a thief won’t be able to steal a backpack very easily, but he may be able to zip open the back pocket and help himself.
  • Size – This is a big factor and one that may result in you buying multiple camera bags for different occasions. If you’re just going for a walk through the park, a bag for a single camera and lens may be all you need. But if you’ve got multiple cameras, lenses, and lights to carry around, you may want to invest in some bigger cases.
  • Accessibility – Will you be transporting your gear to a studio to set up or will you be carrying your gear through the woods and need constant access to it? Many bags are designed for you to be able to quickly retrieve and store your gear while other are designed mainly for safe transport.
  • Comfort – If you’re going to be carrying your equipment all day, you’ll want a nice padded backpack or other soft bag. Bulky duffel bags and hard cases are not suited to be carried long distances.
photography gear packing organizing camera equipment

The Pelican 1510 is the perfect size for a carry-on at the airport

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