Getting Great Results with Single Light Setups

It’s quite common to have people attribute good images to expensive gear. Whereas in reality, gear has minimal effect on how the images come out. In reality, more than what camera, lens, or lighting setup you use, it’s how you plan and execute your shot that affects the quality of the output. Today we have commercial photographer Karl Taylor who shows how you can photograph something that requires multiple lights using just a single light source:

As Taylor shares in the video, you don’t always need expensive lighting equipment to deliver brilliant results. Even something like table lamps when used the right way can help you produce good images. The key is in knowing where to position the light, how to control it, and which modifier to use for the purpose.

Everything boils down to knowledge. As someone who’s learning photography, you may be tempted to spend a good amount of your budget in buying newer and “better” gear. But in fact, a wise choice would be to invest in yourself; gain knowledge and not just gear. You have to understand that it’s not just because of your gear that you can take good images, but your desire to try, test and willingness to fail. Learning from that failure is what counts a whole lot more.

“You can choose to invest in yourself rather than your gear and that will allow you to see the greatest advancement of all.”

And as for the expensive gear that the pros use, there’s a reason for that too. Since it’s through photography that they earn their living, reliability and consistency is key. They can take no risk whatsoever with these factors. Otherwise, they’d be gambling with their source of bread and butter.

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