Full Length Timelapse Film X-Plore Wants to Save At-Risk Environments

In an effort to bring awareness to the global problem of growing endangered natural spaces, 15 of the world’s most renowned, incredibly talented timelapse artists are working together on a full length film that gets up close and personal with the issue. Here’s a glimpse into “X-Plore” and the artists behind the project:

The 90-minute film, “X-Plore,” will feature ground-breaking timelapse photographers from around the world. The artists are collaborating on this amazing project to call attention to and raise money for a cause that we should all be passionate about—preserving our natural world.

preserving natural environments campaign

So many of our natural environments are vanishing at an alarming rate. Sometimes the changes are so subtle that we do not recognize them, but the damage is still severe. The “X-Plore” photographers want to document the damage through stunning timelapse imagery to promote positive social awareness.

If you want to find out more about the film, the project and how you can help, check out the Indiegogo website.

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